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Traditional Chinese Painting

The Waterfall on Mount Huang

ID: NM-SY002

Artist: Shi Yi (1937-)

Date: Contemporary

Size: 46 x 26 in. with mounting

Hanging scroll, ink and color on paper, mounted on satin.


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The Theme of Mt. Huangshan

Mount Huang is located in the southern part of Anhui Provinc, extend across - Shexian, Yixian, Taiping and Xiuning. It is famous for its magnificent and imposing lofty peaks and deep ravines. When it is cloudy, the pinnacles loom in mists as if they were visionary. When you visit Mount Huang on a sunny day, you will be embraced by its slowly unfolding breathtaking natural sceneries in their most gorgeous manner. Chinese artists and poets of many centuries are inspired by the constant changing colours and appearances of Mount Huang in different seasons. Therefore, Mount Huang stands in the heart of Chinese literati/scholar artists of many generations.

The Waterfall on Mount Huang represents an attempt to describe the strong character and grandieur of the mountain. The artist concentrates on the magnificent waterfall on the Mount Huang without the viewer of the scenery. The close attention to minute details in the brushwork and the rich variation in the composition of the rocks and trees are rarely seen in his contemporaries.

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