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Gallery 2a: New Classical Chinese Landscape Painting

Buying a fine Chinese painting is a sound investment. Buying an original painting, such as Chinese a new classical landscape painting, by a known artist is a better investment. When we are stunned by the sales prices of fine Chinese paintings in the current auction market, we often forget to realize one fact that the owners of the high prices Chinese paintings were once very humble. First, most of them didn't spend a lot of money on the painting, second they didn't expect such a high return decades later. The truth is that these individuals bought what they loved, cherished what they bought, and left behind what they owned to their young generations. None of these adventurous souls anticipated the return of their purchase. However, their unique experience, cultural taste and visionary investment wrote their legend.

Buying what you like is better than following the trend. Considering the great availability of Chinese paintings in the current market, a prudent approach to Chinese painting is necessary. A wise investment in Chinese painting requires a careful analysis of the signed artist and the potential of his/her painting. A painting by a big name does not querantee for a high value and a painting bearing the name of a minor artist does not mean you have made a stupid purchase. Since learning from old masters is a legitimate training method in China, a visual resemblance of a work to a famous work does not diminish value but the quality of the painting determines the value. In other words, a high-quality imitation of a famous work signed by a new artist is valuable while a good copy of a known work created for deception would cast suspicion. Quality, originality, rank of artist and visual appeal are the important value features considered in evaluating a Chinese painting.

Our new classical Chinese paintings represent the best of Chinese visual art aesthetics and painting traditions. Each painting was signed by a famous living Chinese artist. The signed artists took pride in demonstrating their invidual analytical skills in reinterpreting a traditional theme or iconography. Each painting stands for the signed artist's unyielding dedication to the Chinese painting aesthetics and traditions. While the contemprary art world is filled with loud voices of idividualism, these artists' quiet but determined applicaton of classical Chinese painting methods, tehniques and aesthetics in art creation is admirable. These artists are not Zhang Daqiang, Qi Baishi and Wu Guanzhong, but they are highly trained professional painters who are willing to indulg themselves in less popular Chinese painting forms with traditional brushes, strokes, and ink on rice paper. They are professional artists, scholars and art teachers. These artists deserve the praise of art historians, the attention of art critics and the patronage of Chinese art collectors.

We represent Chinese paintings by these under-represented professional artists because we want to show our support and appreciation of their courage, dedication and sacrifice in preseving the finest Chinese art painting traditions and visual aesthetics. By pricing the representative works of each artist modestly, we wish to encourage the market appreciation of their fine works. If you share our vision and sensitivity, please sponsor our artists.

We guarantee that alll paintings we represent are original works by the signed artists. They came directly from each artist's studio in China. Each painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Buy Originality, Quality, and Value--Fine Chinese Paintings for Sale!

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